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Some people spend a year
cooking Julia Child's recipes, or following all of the rules in the Bible, or reading books by people who spent a year doing something. My quest is to watch the 200-some films of South Indian character-actor-extraordinaire, Prakash Raj. (It'll probably take more than a year... and I'll post about some Prakash-less films here as well.)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shameful Pleasure Week: Sumanth

This summer is turning into a good blogging workshop, what with all of the "weeks" and "months" going on. This week, it's Rotikapadarum's Shameful Classics/Pleasures Week (2nd Annual Edition), which could not have come at a more fortuitous time, since I just got an order of DVD purchases and rentals featuring my shameful pleasure: the films of Telugu actor Sumanth.
It's not that there's anything particularly shameful about Sumanth's movies. Godavari and Golconda High School were quite good, and he's been in a number of perfectly enjoyable Telugu action movies. However, what is slightly shameful is how much happiness I seem to get from watching his movies.

Maybe it's the ridiculous outfits that make me happy:

Or that he often shares scenes with gym equipment:

Or it might be the...enthusiastic dancing:

("Mila Mila" from Chinnodu)

("Chalre Chalre" from Pourudu)

I was inordinately pleased earlier this week to learn that there is a Telugu remake of the Malayalam hit Classmates, starring Sumanth!
The one oddity about Sumanth's filmography is that Prakash Raj doesn't seem to have been in any of his films, which is pretty unusual, considering the ubiquity of Prakash Raj in Telugu films. (And perhaps this is why I feel slightly shameful about watching films that don't advance my blogging goal...hmmm.)

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