My Year of Prakash Raj

Some people spend a year
cooking Julia Child's recipes, or following all of the rules in the Bible, or reading books by people who spent a year doing something. My quest is to watch the 200-some films of South Indian character-actor-extraordinaire, Prakash Raj. (It'll probably take more than a year... and I'll post about some Prakash-less films here as well.)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Nag Panchami Film Fessstival Final Round Up

As promised here's the round-up of posts and reviews for the 2011 Nag Panchami Film Fessssstival.

There were many more post than had I imagined when we started talking about this in the spring--thanks to everyone for participating. I was hoping to crank out a few more posts myself (between wrapping things up at my job, going on a trip, and having family in town, August was crazy!), but I have lots of idea for next year, and I have my fingers crossed that each of the Indian film industries will crank out five more snake films in the coming year. Please let me know if I've missed anything!

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Cinema Chaat:
Beth Loves Bollywood

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  1. Hey Liz - thanks so much for organising the festival. I got to discover some new wonders and revisit some old favourites. I hope I can persuade jenni to publish vol 2 of The Guide next time :) Temple