My Year of Prakash Raj

Some people spend a year
cooking Julia Child's recipes, or following all of the rules in the Bible, or reading books by people who spent a year doing something. My quest is to watch the 200-some films of South Indian character-actor-extraordinaire, Prakash Raj. (It'll probably take more than a year... and I'll post about some Prakash-less films here as well.)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Round-up for February 2015

Monthly Prakash Raj Movie Total (February, 2015): 6
Overall Prakash Raj Movie Total (as of 2/28/15): 214
Nila, Chamtkara, Gunshot, Dhinamum Ennai Gavani, Shanti Shanti Shanti, Preminchedi Endukamma

Digging deep. One positive of taking a long break is that a whole lot of older movies that I couldn't find on dvd 3 years ago are now available online, so was able to cross off a lot of films from the 1990s.

Highlights of the month: Prakash Raj characters holding people at gunpoint in cars.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Round-up for January 2015

Monthly Prakash Raj Movie Total: 2

Overall Prakash Raj Movie Total (as of January 31, 2015): 208

Race Gurram, Mithileya Seetheyaru

I watched two (!!) Prakash Raj movies this month, which is already two more than I watched in all of 2014. During my hiatus, it seems like a lot more films are available online, which is helpful since I'm so used to watching just about everything (American TV, K-Dramas, etc) through online services. I've also noticed that a lot of the older Tamil and Kannada films that I couldn't track down are now available online. It's fantastic that so many older films may get second life, AND that I was able to move five-six films from my "can't get" to "watch online" column!

Something new, and something old.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Round-up August 2012-December 2013

Monthly Prakash Raj Movie Total: (5)
 *August 2012 - 1
 *September 2012 - 1
 *December 2012 - 1
 *May 2013 - 1
 *July 2013 - 1

Overall Prakash Raj Movie Total (as of December 31, 2013): 206

Adavi Chukka, Nandhini, Wanted, Rajadhani,  Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu

These are all movies I watched after I started getting into K-dramas. I have very little memory of most of these (my file folders full of screencaps are evidence that I did watch the films), so I blame Hyun Bin and Lee Min Ho for distracting me.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Round-up for June-July 2012

Monthly Prakash Raj Movie Total:
 *June 2012 - 8
 *July 2012 - 2

Overall Prakash Raj Movie Total (as of July 31, 2012): 201

Keerthi Chakra, Veerappu, Harakeya Kuri, Bodyguard, Subash, En Swasa Katrae, Ajay, Premaku Swagatham, Koduku, Pistha.
Note: I'm writing this 2 1/2 years late, so my descriptions and impressions of the films is going to be fuzzy, at best.)

Prakash Raj in water seems to fit films
I watched in the summer.